1.37.2 Changelog -Casino Malware Pt. 1

Hey Everyone, I’ve just uploaded the first part of our Casino Malware patch to the beta branch for the Oculus Quest Platform. This is our biggest update yet with multiple new zones, minigames, items and enemies. In addition to this the game is now playable in Chinese. Anyway here are the patch notes:


  • Added Chinese as a new language. Language can be changed from the title screen.
  • Added support for the Pico Neo 3 Headset.
  • New Fighter Hack “Hot Swap”: Toggle’s the “Hack ‘n Slash” passive on and off.
  • New Thief passive: “Major Luck”: Greatly increases quality of drops from monsters.
  • New Mage passive: “Master Mind”: Grants 1 additional max AP.
  • Added the “Moneyfingers Resort and Casino area featuring new minigames and the token shop.
  • Added new story segment leading into the next part of the story involving the casino.
  • Added female Arcaxer player skin. Skin is unlocked after seeing the credits.
  • Added Casino Token currency. Casino Tokens can be earned by playing mini games in the casino or fighting monsters in the casino dungeon.
  • New Minigames:
  • Coin Pusher – Shoot coins into a machines to knock more coins into the coin slots.
  • Slots – Bet Tokens for a chance to win big.
  • Added Token Shop which sells the items:
  • Sweeper Beam – A wide projectile that can hit multiple enemies
  • Shield Buster – A projectile that destroys enemy shields.
  • Epic quality equips including a set of fist weapons. The Head, Chest, and Feet equips increase the drop chance of rare items.
  • Exp Potions
  • ?????
  • Added first 5 floors of the Moneyfingers Resort Dungeon.
  • New Enemies:
  • Toxic Tourist
  • Show Tiger
  • Dice Aberration
  • Troll Bouncer


  • Updated the tavern building’s texture and added emission to the RGB trees in The Hub.
  • Added new female NPC model to The Hub.
  • You will no longer continue moving forward when you enter a first person shop.
  • Most enemies now drop credits by default.
  • Super Caster’s shields are now yellow.
  • General Fenix in Bottom block now subtly hints that you can pick up objects in the overworld with your hands.
  • Lowered velocity required to launch a throwing spear.
  • Increased contrast for better readability on enemy healthbar names.


  • Fixed flashing caused by camera turning in both smooth turn and snap turning modes in the overworld.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Fixed weapons not having velocity when thrown.
  • Fixed dialogue boxes sometimes have weird scaling issues.
  • Treant’s mushroom attacks no longer get caught on its shields.