1.37.3 Changelog


  • Added a dungeon resetter NPC outside the casino dungeon entrance.


  • Changed value of the blue chips in Pusher Man to be worth 50 tokens (up from 20)
  • Slightly increased payouts from the slot machine.
  • Enemies can now drop “Large Token Stack”.


  • Shrunk the slot machine so the handle isn’t as hard to reach.
  • lowered the intensity of the haptic feedback when pressing the pusher man launch button.
  • Fixed General Fenix being too small in the casino.
  • Fixed the key item tab being translated to “yes”.
  • Fixed the water outside the casino not rendering on Quest.
  • The token stack items are now stackable.
  • Fixed the bus to the casino disappearing after first arriving there.
  • Fixed colliders on Rigged Dice and Show Tiger not registering hits.
  • Fixed slots paying out wrong values.

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