Somewhere out there, there’s a virtual world populated not by real people, but by AI or artificial intelligence. However, these aren’t regular AI. These “Entities” are all generated from information on the internet created by real human beings. Arcaxer takes place in a computer world known simply as “The Sim”. In the Sim, every being is created from profiles generated from people’s social media presence online.

While most entities are friendly, happily living their virtual lives in The Sim, there exists hostile data known as the “Toxins”. Toxins are violent, mindless, entities generated from profiles deemed by the system to be full of nothing but malice and hatred for other people. This can cause these entities to spawn as terrifying and dangerous monsters.

The Sim is programmed with various rules in place for it’s residents. One of which prevents one entity from harming another without harming itself. It is unknown why this rule was put in place but it is not ironclad. The Toxins posses a power called “Hax”. With Hax Toxins can break the rules put in place by The Sim which includes harming others with no penalty. Hax can be manifested in many different forms ranging from balls of fire to body-transformation functions.

Toxin’s were the only entities with the ability to use Hax since The Sim went online, that is… until….

Meet the “Arcaxer”. The Sim’s manifestation of your own data. You begin the game trapped inside a dungeon called “The Stack”. You have no memory of how or why you’re there but a voice speaks to you. It commands you to climb the floors of this endless dungeon. As you climb your way up this maze-like tower you’re met with many battles against the Toxins. You slash away with your sword, clearing a way up. This can only go on so long however, as your HP get’s lower and lower, but the voice tells you to keep fighting.

Eventually you are confronted by an enemy that is simply too strong for you to defeat with your current amount of HP. You slash and slash until you’re nearly dead, and then…

You suddenly feel different, like you can manipulate the world around you in a way you never could before. Energy feels like it’s coursing through your body. You hold out your hand and energy begins to collect and take shape. Arcax Missile! You release this energy and direct it at the Toxin. It takes damage and… you don’t. You’ve learned a new way to fight!

You defeat the Toxin. The voice you’ve been hearing is surprised, and somewhat angry. “How did you use Hax!?”. You don’t know but you don’t care. You manage to find a way out of the Stack. Your journey has begun!



Sydney is a scientist who lives in “The Hub”, a city-like area where many entities live and hang out. Sydney is a curious mind who loves figuring out how The Sim works. Sydney spends all her time trying to create glitches and writing modules that allow her to edit the code of her victims or uh, “test subjects”. While often sarcastic and cynical, Sydney truly loves her life in The Sim and will do anything to keep it from changing for the worst.

Task Master

Task Master is a name feared by most residents of The Sim. Task Master is an entity who captures newly spawned entities and forces them to fight for him in “The Stack” a tower that stretches endlessly into the sky. Without Hax Task Master cannot climb the tower by himself, however, by using other entities as his own army, he can clear a path through the Toxins to reach the top. Task Master’s motives are unknown but you surely do not want to be captured by him upon spawning in or an early death awaits you.

Captain Bryce

Amazingly, you aren’t the only non-Toxin that can use Hax. Somewhere in The Stack you meet Captain Bryce, a goofy sailor dealing with an impersonator. Bryce spends all his time in the Whistler Block of The Stack, a nautical themed area that he refers to as “His Ship”. As someone who takes great pride in his boat, Bryce almost never returns to the world outside The Stack and chooses to spend most of his days slaying toxins inside the hostile tower. Bryce can be an air-head but he will always have your back!


Llorona is possibly the strongest entity in the entire simulation who doesn’t posses the ability to use Hax. Llorona’s goal is to be the best Toxin slayer in The Sim. She’s managed to climb to some of the highest floors in The Stack using nothing but her trusty Axe and many, many, health modifiers. Llorona’s immense determination, while her greatest strength, may turn out to also be her greatest weakness.