1.41.0 Changelog


  • Added the final chunk of the Casino Malware story. Return to the top of the Vienna Floors in the casino to continue the story.
  • Added 2 new bosses which can be fought at the end of the new dungeon.
  • Added new dungeon: Moneyfingers Mines. The first chunk based procedural dungeon which all takes place on one floor but generates infinitely. Complete the dungeon by finding 5 key fragments and using them on the elevator shaft.
  • Added Cave Yeti, Cave Spider, Annoying Tourist, and Cave Tiger enemies.
  • Added a new epic pistol “That Gun” find it by defeating enemies in the mines.
  • Added a switch on the side of The Stack that enables dance mode.
  • Added a new NPC outside The Stack that explains how Stack exploration works.
  • Added That Guy’s casino battle metal theme to the casino arena!


  • Fixed Metal battle themes being too quiet in some arenas.
  • Returning to Title Screen now saves the game.
  • Reverse Time should restart the encounter with the correct enemies now.
  • Task Master’s final attack now keeps it’s hands up longer to prevent projectiles from firing from underground at the end.
  • Toxic Caster Ally now aims higher.
  • There is no longer a looping splatter effect left behind when you learn Blue.
  • The stairs on floor 26 of Whistler block no longer have a cage.
  • You can no longer glitch through the cage on longhorn stairs before the cage is removed.
  • The volume is now lower on Toxic Caster Ally’s summon effect.
  • Fixed Cauterize not saving to the player save file.
  • Fixed Buffs activating on cast passives if the buff was already active when attempted.
  • Fixed Johnny’s jaw being stuck open.