1.40.3 Changelog


  • Added “Casino Teleporter” to the casino token shop. Teleports the user to the casino lobby.


  • Teleporter items now appear in the key item tab.
  • AvatarLoginData_0 now appears in the key item tab.
  • Barkaxer bone no longer stacks
  • Unsellable items no longer list a sell price of 0 when selected.
  • Secret tapes are now unsellable.
  • Endure Scroll is now unsellable.
  • Casino Token count can now be seen outside the casino if you have more than zero tokens.


  • The debug mode text no longer covers up the language selector on the title screen.
  • Difficulty text no longer appears over the defense help screen on the loadout menu.
  • Jab is no longer T posing.
  • The bouncer on floor 9 of the casino dungeon no longer appears after completing the arena battle.
  • The teleporter in the ocean outside the casino has been removed.
  • Casino token count no longer appears over inventory prompts.
  • Grabbable dice on floor 10 of the casino dungeon have a much farther distance threshold for respawning.

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