1.40.2 Changelog


  • Added the NPC “Jab” to the casino lobby area. Jab gives a quest to retrieve his wraps from the casino dungeon.
  • Added “Jab’s Wraps” melee weapon. Has a 50% chance to not consume resources on hit and changes the texture of your hands when summoned.


  • Bottom Block’s overworld music has been updated.
  • The battle victory fanfare has been updated and now loops properly.
  • Added more detail to the casino battle arena.
  • Mirror image can no longer cast summons from RNGza.


  • Fixed Moneyfingers Guard having no death animation.
  • Fixed Wild Bouncer’s dissolve effect on death.
  • Fixed a story event not playing in the casino dungeon.
  • Fixed Sydney not showing up in the first casino arena battle.
  • Fixed Hax that swap your weapon giving the wrong message when equipping to the left hand.
  • The Longhorn Block grabbable skull will now respawn if it is dropped.

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