1.39.0 Changelog


  • Added Challenge Mode menu when creating a new save file. Challenge mode allows you to choose Dark Knight or Blue Mage as your class as well as starts you at level 3 and skips the intro.
  • Added the Blue Mage as a new challenge class. Blue mage learns a variety of abilities by stealing them from enemies with it’s signature move “Copy Bolt”
  • You can now skip your turn by clicking in both thumbsticks on your turn.
  • New Hax exclusive to Blue Mage (Spoilers if you want to discover them yourself):
  • Bananarang: Launch a banana projectile that passes through enemies and returns to the caster.
  • Blink (Defensive) : Teleport into the air to dodge enemy attacks. Returns to the ground automatically after 3 seconds.
  • Bouncing Fire: Launch a ball of flames that can burn the enemy and ricochet off walls.
  • Bouncing Frost: Launch a ball of frost that can freeze the enemy and ricochet off walls.
  • Bouncing Thunder: Fire a ball of lightning that can bounces off surfaces and pass through enemies
  • Chaos Blast: Launch 6 Bouncing Thunders in random directions.
  • Copy Bolt: Has a 10% chance to steal an ability from an eligible enemy and permanently learn it.
  • Fish Swap: Swap your current weapon to the Scale Edge
  • Flamethrower: Shoot a blast of fire that can burn enemies.
  • Frost Breath: Shoot a blast of icy wind that can freeze enemies.
  • Green: Has a 100% chance to turn the enemy Green.
  • Poison Fog: Infilicts all enemies with Glitch Poison.
  • Red: Has a 100% chance to turn the enemy red.
  • Shark Attack: Summon Chomper to attack a random enemy and break their links.
  • Spike Ball: Shoot a bouncing spike projectile.
  • Summon Toxin: Summon’s a toxin to fight for you.
  • Summon Task Master: Summon’s the man himself to fight for you.
  • Waterbolt: Launch a bolt of water that can inflict Glitch Breach, increasing the damage enemies take from weapons.
  • Cauterize: Heals 40% health but inflicts burn on yourself (Damages each turn).
  • Ice pack: Heals 40% health but inflicts Frost Bite on yourself (Lowers defense)
  • ?????: ??????
  • New passives exclusive to Blue Mage:
  • Blue Health: Gain 5 health for each passive you have learned.
  • Blue Master: Doubles the chance for Copy Bolt to copy an ability.
  • Blue Strength: Gain 1 Power for each hack you have learned.
  • Blueford: If your name is Blueford, gain 5% crit chance.
  • Fire Mage: If all your Hax are fire Hax gain crit damage equal to 2x your level.
  • Healthy Crit: Gain 10% crit chance at 100% health.
  • Last Surprise: Enemy’s take damage at the beginning of battle if a pre-emptive strike is launched.
  • Nerf This: If you have 2 or more buffs or debuffs, gain a significant boost to power.
  • Power of Friendship: If you have 2 active allies, gain 1 max AP.
  • Roll the Dice: Randomize your hax loadout when the battle starts and starts the fight with 3 powerful buffs.
  • Sicko Form: Gain power equal to your level if there are more than 3 enemies present.
  • Sweet Sixteen: If you are exactly level 16, gain 999 Power.
  • Surrounded: Gain defense equal to your level if there are more than 4 enemies present.
  • 1v1 Me Bro: Gain 5% crit chance if there is only 1 enemy present.
  • Frost Mage: If all your Hax are frost Hax gain crit damage equal to 2x your level.


  • Updated Task Master’s model to his new one.
  • Bouncing Thunder is now larger and lasts longer than other bounce hax.
  • Updated the Caster enemy’s textures.
  • The outside of the Colossal Toxin’s now has collision.


  • Fixed some issues with haptic feedback on Quest.

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