1.38.0 Changelog


  • Added a new experimental “Passthrough” mixed reality mode for dungeon exploration. Enable it in the settings and then enter a dungeon to view your passthrough feed in the background of overworld dungeon scenes.
  • Added equip items stat comparisons to the descriptions of equips.
  • Added a confirmation prompt when closing the game.
  • Added a button to the settings menu that allows you to return to the title screen.


  • The quantity changer for selling items now properly cycles from 1 to max and vice versa.
  • Closing the menu now closes all prompts that were open as well.
  • Choosing a Hax slot in your loadout will now show that Hack’s description.
  • Made significant changes to the game’s lighting settings.
  • Slightly adjusted haptic feedback on Oculus devices.


  • Fixed camera turn settings getting reversed if mirror turn was off when visiting the settings.

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