1.37.5 Changelog

1.17.5 Changelog:


  • Increased brightness in the casino battle scene.
  • Halved the chance for the earthquake effect to happen in the coin pusher.
  • Adjusted Toxic Tourist’s projectile speed and aim assist.
  • Shrank Shield Buster a bit to prevent it from exploding on the ground if casted while seated.
  • Doubled the shop voice clip timer.


  • Fixed the casino lobby story event replaying on re-entry.
  • Fixed armors not granting max AP.
  • Fixed the typo in Erase Time’s description.
  • Fixed the tiger death animation not playing.
  • Smoothed Show Tiger’s jump animation.
  • Fixed a hole in the terrain outside the casino.
  • Removed the tree behind the casino.
  • The slot machine now only works in first person.
  • Sydney’s Mech can no longer receive enemy modifiers.
  • Sweeper Beam now properly hits multiple targets.
  • Fixed Shield Buster not doing it’s job.

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