Arcaxer takes place inside of a computer simulation populated only by AI created from information of people gathered from the real world. While most of these entities live and interact with each other like humans would, some AI that spawn into the world are mindless and aggressive, attacking peaceful entities without warning. These are known as the “Toxins”.

The world of Arcaxer differs greatly from the real world. In addition to entities taking on many different forms, such as that of monsters and mechanical beings, they also are bound to strict rules set by the system. One of which prevents AI from harming each other without harming themselves as well, or trading “HP”.

These rules can sometimes be subverted however by using forbidden functions called “Hax”. Hax are magic-like abilities that allow entities to break the rules of the simulation, such as inflicting damage to another entity without spending HP.

You play as a new nameless spawn in the world who gets captured by a powerful AI named “Task Master”. Task Master’s goal is to climb a large tower known as “The Stack”, a seemingly infinite tower filled with monsters. He accomplishes this goal by capturing new AI and forcing them to fight for him until their HP runs out and they get destroyed.

Just as the player character is about to run out of HP fighting toxins in the stack they are granted the mysterious power of “The Arcaxer Module” which allows them to use Hax to win the fight and escape unharmed.

Intrigued by the player’s new abilities, the player is met by a scientist in “The Hub” named Sydney. Sydney explains to the player the details of the world and requests that they use their powers to climb The Stack and stop Task Master from capturing any more new entities.